Vineyard working

We work our new and ancient vineyards keeping production 
low so as to maintain the quality of the grapes high. We are a certified organic company, we only use sulfur and
copper in the treatment of the vineyards and we act in the
rest of the care only mechanically with inter-row shredding
and with an inter-vine hoe to control the turf.
The harvest is handmade and in 15-20 kg boxes in
order to keep the bunches intact as much as possible
while waiting for the mashing. The latter process takes
place immediately following the harvest.

Wine Production

We work in the cellar without using chemical products. 
Our wines are in fact natural, we do not add yeasts
and from the 2021 harvest all our wines will be
without the use of added sulphites.
The only interventions we do are with mechanical
methods. We change maceration times to try to
obtain the best possible product from each grape
in step with the wine we want to obtain.
We pay attention to the temperature during
fermentation, we check the contact with oxygen
of our musts and subsequently wines throughout
the refinement.
Then we continue with the racking and we do not act
with filtration but only and
exclusively changing thanks if necesary.
In the spontaneous refermentations that we do
in the bottle we use our refrigerated musts.
Since 2019 our production has been certified VinNatur,
an association that does not accept producers whose
wines do not meet the naturalness requirements of
the product; in fact, analyzes are carried out
on sample products to guarantee this standard
by all producers.