Agricultural company founded more than 20 years ago

by Devid Sassi, who while finishing
his engeneering studies
began to feel a growing passion for nature,
wine and vineyards.
He began recovering a small vineyard with
passion and desire to learn
everything about this world.
The knowledge, the equipment available and
consequently the hectares of vineyards
managed begin to grow up to the
20 hectares now cultivated.

Member of the Puianello winery since our origin. 
Devid has held the role of advisor for the Cantina Sociale for years and always with passion.
However, in 2010 a new line of
business began with the first in-house winemaking.
"A brut Grugn", the first historic label and name still in use for one of our products,
marks a turning point, inaugurating a new page of satisfaction for our company. From that moment the
growth of this new branch becomes constant but always gradual up to the current 11 wines produced. In 2016 we planted our first vineyard, a great commitment but a sign of the constancy that the company's
still growing.
2021, a year of changes and further growth with
the entry into the company of Matteo, Devid's younger brother who renews enthusiasm and the two together
complete the purchase and construction of a new production and commercial headquarters in which they can
continue to grow maintaining the philosophy and cornerstones on which they have based themselves
for over 20 years of development.